Don't compromise on quality when it comes to hiring engineers.
Automated candidate sourcing, engagement, and feedback. Reduce the time-to-hire while finding the best people for your team.
Part-platform, part-human - we're redefining how companies hire the best engineers and product people.
We're engineers ourselves - we know the difference between Java and JavaScript. And we don't match based on keywords.

Scales to fit your hiring objectives

On average, we generate five interviews per role, per week. We only engage candidates who are objectively a strong fit for your team.

Discovering the best fit

We work directly with your hiring managers to define the ideal candidate profile for each role.

Our platform automatically refines job position models through continuous automated feedback on referred candidates.

Deeply-personalized candidate engagement

We craft the perfect pitch for each potential candidate, leveraging your brand and hundreds of data points around candidates to send messages that drive interest.

Transparency - we've got nothing to hide

We track every stage of the top of the funnel hiring activities - showing you how much value we're adding. Forget the other "black box" solutions on the market.

We work closely with you - without impinging on your time.

Hiring manager platform

Forget long email chains. We provide a central platform for hiring managers and Talent staff to calibrate and review candidates.

Slack Support and integration

Real-time support via Slack with a dedicated recruitment coordinator. Candidate feedback happens where you work. No more long Slack message interruptions or taps on the shoulder.

Integrates with your ATS

Our platform automatically builds a complete picture of the ideal candidate by integrating directly with your ATS.

Transparency through metrics

Deep hiring activity insights via a dedicate  dashboard. No more spreadsheets being passed around the office.

Ready to build world-class teams through data and automation?